TIGER Mountain

TIGER Mountain

Combining business with tiger conservation

Tigers are endangered animals, threatened with extinction. Many NGOs and governments do their best to create better conditions. But not everything they do is successful. TIGER Mountain is an independent and unique approach that will help the conservation of tigers in the wild. It will also ensure better conditions for tigers in captivity. For investors, TIGER Mountain is a unique opportunity to invest in an SDG-project that has the potential to be highly profitable, due to the enormous attraction of (mainly) Asian people to tigers.

What's happening?

We can tell a lot about the causes of why tigers are endangered and threatened with extinction. Tigers have lost more than 93 percent of their habitat in less than 100 years. In this period, more than a million tigers were killed, leaving now less than 5,000 tigers in the wild. On the other hand, we see that tigers in captivity are thriving. Between 30,000 and 40,000 tigers live in zoos, tiger farms, or circuses. In our Investor Memorandum, we have a special section to explain what’s happening with tigers.


TIGER Mountain is the most unique and genuine tiger conservation project in the world, offering a broad range of tiger related services in an inspiring global environment.

Our business model is based on 'tigers as a service'.

Through these five pillars, we contribute to the most urgent aspects of tiger conservation: awareness, funding, and partnerships between people, media, businesses, and conservation initiatives.

A preview of TIGER Mountain

At a unique location, in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, TIGER Mountain will rise. Here, we will help 4,000 guests a year, grow as leaders and humans, as well as inspire 2,000 children from South African townships. With the help of an award-winning South African architect, we will create a zero-waste, carbon-neutral, self supplying water and energy complex, at this very special mountain. Next to the five pillars of TIGER Mountain, we will also have the most exclusive tiger museum, a conference hall, exhibition rooms and even operating rooms in case the tigers need surgery. All at a world-class level, to inspire guests to visit us again.

These images are used to provide a good impression of the quality and atmosphere of TIGER Mountain. 

Benefits for investors

Our offer for investors is interesting in many ways. Besides the opportunity to engage in a groundbreaking venture that will change the world for the better, investors will get their financial share too. Besides the obvious participation in providing better conditions for tigers, investors will also invest in activities that will inspire 2,000 South African kids in need, who now live in townships. Also, in fighting global climate change, by planting at least 200,000 trees and preventing deforestation in tiger countries. Investments will also be made to grow the economic conditions of the TIGER Mountain region and to help local communities to thrive. The financial reward will be more than fair. Investing in TIGER Mountain is partly investing in real estate so the time for returns will be longer than in an IT start-up. Nevertheless, our ROI for a 10 year period will be surprisingly high, also because we will use IT to engage with customers around the world. You can read all about our financial offer and the prospects in our Investor Memorandum.

Our team

More information about our team can be found in the Investor Memorandum.

Next steps

At this moment, we have entered the stage of talking with investors. For this, we have prepared an Investor Memorandum with all the information you need to join us in a ground breaking venture that will change the world for the better. 

Upon request, we will either send you our Investor Memorandum or get in touch with you. Just send us the form below. 

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TIGER Mountain

TIGER Mountain

Combining business with tiger conservation


Tigers in the wild: app. 4,800 

Tigers in captivity: 30,000 – 40,000

Tiger Range Countries: 10 (1900: 30)

Biggest tiger country: India: (3,700)

5 tiger species left (3 extinct, 1 extinct in the wild)



“I dream of our vast deserts, of our forests, of all our great wildernesses. We must never forget that it is our duty to protect this environment.”